CombiTuck™ — The new "Tummy Tuck"

Body-sculpting procedures have become a popular option to achieve a more youthful and toned appearance. The abdominal area can be extremely hard to tone and lose excess fat, especially after a pregnancy or substantial weight loss, you can still find yourself with excess skin and fat particularly around the belly.

The CombiTuck™ produces excellent results for men and women with excess skin and fat or weakened abdominal muscles. The CombiTuck™ is safer and much more effective with fewer side effects than a traditional tummy tuck or Abdominoplasty.

Excellent results with CombiTuck™

  • Before and After CombiTuck™ procedure.
  • The CombitTuck™ is an advanced surgical technique of performing an Abdominoplasty, or more commonly referred to as a "tummy tuck", without the inherent risk of these types of surgeries. Combituck's unique combination of full liposuction and excess skin removal provides excellent results in even the most stubborn fat deposits. The CombiTuck™ is performed with only mild sedation, requiring no general anesthetic and only minimal discomfort. The CombiTuck™ greatly reduces the inherent risks of blood clots, infection or skin ulceration and requires no post surgery drain tubes as found in a traditional "tummy tuck". Individuals generally go back to work in 3-7 days.

    A traditional Abdominoplasty or "tummy tuck" procedure cuts away unwanted fat and skin tissue from the abdomen and often requires repositioning of the belly button, leaving less than desirable results. Often liposuction is required months after the initial surgery to remove remaining fat. Abdominoplasty, done for years, has relatively high complication rate and can cause trauma to the blood vessels, surrounding tissue and organs.

    CombiTuck™ the new "tummy tuck" - lowers the risks of complications and patients see a shorter recovery time. Liposuction is first performed to the abdomen and back, removing the fat but leaving the blood vessels intact. Excess skin is then gently separated from the abdominal wall so that underlying tissue is not traumatized, the loose skin then becomes easy to manipulate and remove.

    Reducing the amount of trauma to the abdomen is far less problematic. It offers less pain, a shorter recovery period and less risk than past procedures.

    Most Individuals can return to work in 3-7 days, whereas a traditional "tummy tuck" can take up to four weeks or more of recovery time. With the CombiTuck™ results can be seen immediately, you'll heal faster and it is a much safer procedure. Lasting results can be achieved especially if you maintain a balanced diet and exercise regularly after the procedure to keep the weight off.

    This procedure may not be for all patients and should NOT be considered a substitute for weight loss. For the best results a weight loss regimen should be undertaken prior to this procedure. A consultation and exam is required to determine the most appropriate procedure to achieve your desired look. To see if CombiTuck™ or other procedure is right for you call Allure Medical Spa Today for a no obligation consultation.

    As with all surgeries there are some risks involved so speak to a CombiTuck™ Specialist about any concerns you may have.

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    Patient Testimonial

    Being in my early 30's and having 3 children I was blessed with stretch marks and a very unattractive flap of saggy skin. No matter how much weight I lost or exercise I did it was NOT going away. I was cursed with a “muffin top”.

    When I heard about the Combituck procedure that Dr. Mok offers; I was immediately interested. I scheduled my surgery on a Friday afternoon so I had the weekend to recover. I was able to walk up my stairs to go to bed that next day without being hunched over. I really couldn't believe how fast I healed and recovered. I returned to work a week later.

    I was completely taken with how great my results are. I have a flat stomach and a great belly button. I can finally wear tight fitted clothes. I look and feel great!

    I want to thank Dr. Mok and his great staff for such a wonderful experience. This has been a life changing moment! TB