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Cosmetic surgery has increased by leaps and bounds since a decade ago: a patient today has access to any procedure of their choice to improve their skin and body just the way they like. At Michigan Plastic Surgery, we pride ourselves on working closely with our patients to give them the results that they want to see – with no compromise on safety or effectiveness.

Our plastic surgeons have an extensive understanding of cosmetic surgery, helping you get the best possible result from your procedure.

Why Choose Michigan Plastic Surgery?

Advanced equipment

Our practice uses only the best products and the latest advancements in aesthetic medicine during your treatments. This allows us to conduct safe and effective plastic surgery on any patient, with the best outcomes possible from their procedure.

Board-certified specialists

Our plastic surgeons have been certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), with years of experience in plastic surgery and other body contouring treatments. Our bariatric surgeon is board certified by the American Board of Surgery-General.

Warm and friendly team

Our team is not only highly trained to help a patient with their cosmetic surgery, but they’ll also work closely with you for any other concerns you might have. We pride ourselves on offering the best customer service, no matter your cosmetic concerns.

A variety of cosmetic options

Our plastic surgery branches out into several treatments, including breast implants, breast reconstruction, facial plastic surgery, and minor reconstructive surgery. You may also consult our surgeons for advice on other types of aesthetic plastic surgery you may be looking into.

What Services Can You Get From Michigan Plastic Surgery?

While our general surgery services are best discussed during your consultation, there are two services that Michigan Plastic Surgery has extensive experience and expertise in providing:

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation has come a long way since saline implants: today, a patient has access to the latest silicone improvements that perfectly mimic the natural look of breasts without sagging or creasing.

  • Minimal effect on the surrounding tissue
  • Visible results stay long-term
  • Can be contoured to the patient’s desired body shape

Breast augmentation can be anything from adding more volume to breast lifting. Your plastic surgeon will work closely with you to set and meet your expectations, with full support before, during, and after your procedure is done.

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A combination of liposuction and tummy tucking, the CombiTuck is one of the most effective answers to a sagging belly, loose skin, or stretch marks around the waist. By combining two procedures in one smooth treatment, we’re able to give you much better results without too much strain on your body.

  • One-day treatment
  • Minimal downtime required
  • Removes excess fat while tightening skin

You can see drastic, visible results from your treatment almost immediately – and with the help of our board-certified surgeon, get the body contouring that you’ve always wanted to have.

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Get the Best Plastic Surgeons for Your Treatments in Detroit With Michigan Plastic Surgery

Your plastic surgeon will play a huge role in the overall outcome of your aesthetic surgery – so any patient needs to find the best one that can answer their needs. At Michigan Plastic Surgery, you can trust that our surgeons have all the experience needed to give the best possible results. Book your appointment now to learn what our surgeons can do for you.

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Getting Plastic Surgery In Detroit.

While Detroit may still be the automobile capital of the United States, there are plenty of other things aside from cars to see in the area. It’s a multicultural mix of many different backgrounds, making it a perfect accompaniment to anyone looking to get the best of what a city can offer – aside from great skin care.

Your Average Detroit Itinerary

What’s there for an average person to see in Detroit? Here are some quick ideas for you to consider:


Detroit is home to the Motown Museum, perhaps one of the best places to experience this particular blend of 1960s music. Listen to the best of what soul music has to offer, listen to the best hits of this rich musical background, and give your ears a treat. Overall, one of the best places to stop by is Michigan’s Grand Boulevard.


Woodward Avenue is home to the Detroit Institute of the Arts, a great repository of cross-cultural art exhibitions and other pieces of interest. The museum houses a permanent collection exhibiting art from across the world, while also playing host to visiting exhibitions that reflect the current trends of modern arts and culture.


The Henry Ford Experience in Dearborn is Michigan’s ode to the pioneer of American automobiles. Learn more about Henry Ford’s journey to provide the United States with its booming automobile industry, explore the history behind Greenfield Village, and even ride in the classic Ford Model T automobile.