CombiTuck in Detroit Metropolitan Area: Get a Slim and Contoured Waist at Michigan Plastic Surgery

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Lose Belly Fat for a Contoured Tummy with a Combination of the Best Procedures in the Detroit Metropolitan Area

Many patients find that having a flat and toned tummy makes them look younger and more fit — it also showcases their figure, no matter what body shape they have. But the development of belly fat also comes around way too soon, greatly affecting their self-esteem. Most solutions offering significant results come with lengthy downtimes and health risks. But with the CombiTuck treatment, you won’t have to wait too long to flaunt your curves.

Metro Detroit is the best place to be not only because of its rich culture, delicious cuisine, and fun attractions but also because of its access to reliable aesthetic clinics providing stellar results in achieving your aesthetic goals. Michigan Plastic Surgery is one of the best plastic surgery practices in Metro Detroit. It’s trusted for its CombiTuck treatment that gives you a flat and more contoured tummy in one procedure — for minimal downtime and health risks.

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Detroit Metropolitan Area: Where the Best Plastic Surgery Clinics Are?

The Detroit Metropolitan Area, also called Metro Detroit, is a place where the best plastic surgery clinics in Michigan are. When choosing a premier clinic to trust, you may want to know what it’s known for. Many patients also want to find out if it’s a thriving city that can sustain the most advanced tools and techniques in plastic surgery.

What Detroit is Known For?

Metro Detroit is the biggest metropolitan area in Michigan. It consists of Detroit City and many other cities surrounding it. This area is also home to 4.39 million people, making it the 14th largest metropolitan in the United States.

The area is buzzing with life, known for a variety of must-tries and must-sees for residents and tourists alike. It rose as a strong metropolitan with its foundations in the automotive industry. It’s also rich in entertainment, arts, popular music, cultural diversity, food, and sports. While it’s a lively area, it also offers a decent place of recreation with access to parks, natural landscapes, and beaches.

The Detroit Metropolitan Area is also a decent place to live for residents looking for an urban landscape with a wealth of access to different amenities and opportunities. It’s also known for being a diverse area with a low cost of living. Residents and tourists can also expect warm summers and snowy winters, allowing you to enjoy it as the seasons change.

Things to Do in Detroit

As mentioned, Metro Detroit offers a lot of things to enjoy for tourists and residents. This privilege comes with the teeming life in the area, where you can have lots of opportunities to enjoy it, like:

  • Visiting museums
  • Interacting with nature
  • Trying various cuisines
  • Getting slim and toned with the best plastic surgery clinics 

The Detroit Metropolitan Area doesn’t fall behind when it comes to providing the best plastic surgery practices, from laser treatments to procedures with the most sophisticated technology. Michigan Plastic Surgery is one of the best clinics in the area, with advanced equipment and highly-trained professionals. They’re committed to executing every procedure with utmost safety, effectiveness, and expertise.

Why Michigan Plastic Surgery?

Michigan Plastic Surgery is the most trusted plastic surgery clinic in Metro Detroit, providing stellar beauty services and results for a wide range of patients in Lansing and Okemos for over 20 years. At our beauty aesthetic clinic, you can expect:

  • Advanced equipment – we’re equipped with the most advanced equipment ensuring patients the most comfortable and effective treatments possible.
  • Board-certified specialists – our solutions are performed by highly-trained professionals with a superior command of different tools and techniques needed to produce the best results.
  • Warm and friendly team – you’ll be welcomed by a vibrant and supportive team that makes your beauty journey reassuring and even satisfying.
  • A variety of cosmetic options – our expertise and tools are enough to help achieve your aesthetic goals with our customized treatment plans. 

One of the best solutions in Michigan Plastic Surgery is the CombiTuck treatment. This procedure not only removes excess fat from your tummy but also helps improve its contours. The CombiTuck treatment is also beneficial for many patients with a hectic lifestyle because it requires a shorter downtime and comes with minimal health risks compared to plastic surgery.

What is CombiTuck?

CombiTuck is a cutting-edge solution that combines 2 procedures in one technique, giving patients shorter recovery time, minimal health risks, and more defined results. CombiTuck involves incorporating liposuction into the traditional abdominoplasty or tummy tuck treatment. It removes excess fat and skin, leaving your tummy slimmer and more toned. 

How CombiTuck Gives You a Slim and Toned Tummy?

The CombiTuck treatment starts with liposuction to remove the fat and free up the skin with minimally invasive methods. This enhances the results of your tummy tuck procedure as it gives your abdomen better curves.

Your liposuction procedure removes circumferential fat by loosening stubborn pockets of fat with a cannula in a back-and-forth motion. A syringe is attached to the cannula to suction out the targeted fat. Some practitioners also opt for laser liposuction.

After your liposuction treatment, the plastic surgeon will perform a tummy tuck procedure. This solution removes significant amounts of fat and skin on the lower abdomen by creating incisions. 

They will then tighten the abdominal muscles by pulling the connective tissue or the fascia together with permanent sutures to improve its structure and appearance. The incisions will then be closed by stitching them together at the bikini line and around the belly button, so patients can expect scarring at the natural creases of the treated area.

What CombiTuck Can Do for Your Tummy?

Liposuction and tummy tuck treatment have always been popular fat reduction solutions — nearly 500,000 and 245,000 received these procedures respectively in 2021, according to The Aesthetic Society. With CombiTuck treatment, patients will receive more defined and heightened results from combining these techniques. This solution can:

  • Eliminate stubborn fat
  • Remove excess skin
  • Tighten the skin
  • Reduce the appearance of stretch marks
  • Improve contours with muscle repair

CombiTuck allows patients to receive improved and more defined results by combining liposuction and tummy tuck treatment in one session. This solution is suitable for those who just had a significant weight loss or childbirth. But it’s important to note that plastic surgeons recommend having this procedure when the patient is done having children. 

CombiTuck Before and After 

Michigan Plastic Surgery is the best clinic in Metro Detroit to have a CombiTuck procedure. We’re equipped with sophisticated tools and techniques in delivering the safest and most satisfactory results possible. You may check out some of the effects of this solution on several patients:

Source: Michigan Plastic Surgery

Source: Michigan Plastic Surgery

If you want to check out more before and after pics and how CombiTuck treatment will work for you, you may consult one of our board-certified specialists at Michigan Plastic Surgery. You can expect a treatment plan carefully customized according to your aesthetic goals.

What to Expect from Your CombiTuck Treatment?

CombiTuck treatment is a same-day procedure that requires general anesthesia, as it removes a significant amount of fat and skin from your belly. To learn more about this solution, you may want to know its procedures, side effects, recovery, and aftercare steps.


CombiTuck is a surgical procedure that removes excess fat and skin on the tummy. It promotes a slimmer figure with better curves as it also repairs weak muscles, which improves its tightness. 

Your beauty journey will start with a series of consultations to know your aesthetic goals and what CombiTuck can do to achieve those. As this treatment involves surgery, they’ll also ensure you’re in good health with a series of examinations and tests. You may expect your procedure to go as follows:

  • General anesthesia will be given to the patient to keep them numb and unconscious throughout the procedure.
  • Small incisions will be created, usually at your back, to start the liposuction.
  • A cannula will be inserted in these incisions to target deep subcutaneous fat.
  • The fat cells at the circumferential area will be dislodged manually by moving the cannula in a back-and-forth motion, reshaping your body.
  • The dislodged fat cells will be removed with a suction attached to the cannula.
  • Some practices incorporate other technologies, like a laser, radiofrequency, or ultrasound, to melt the fat, making it easier to eliminate.
  • Dissolvable sutures will be used to close the incisions.
  • Markings will be created below your belly button in an elliptical shape as a guide to the incisions.
  • A horizontal incision will be created at the marking above your pubic hair.
  • A vertical incision will be made across the elliptically-shaped markings to access the abdominal muscles.
  • Incisions will be made around your belly button.
  • The weakened abdominal muscles will be pulled together with stitches at the connective tissues above it, called fascia. This will leave a tighter and more contoured tummy with a narrower waistline.
  • Drainage tubes are inserted between the subcutaneous fat and the muscles to remove the fluid.
  • Another horizontal incision will be made on the markings below your belly button. 
  • The incision below the belly button will be stitched together with the incision above your pubic hair, giving your tummy a tighter and flatter appearance.
  • Your skin will be readjusted around the belly button.
  • Stitches will be created around your belly button to tie everything in place.
  • Antibiotics might be given to prevent the risks of an infection.

Your treatment will take 2 to 5 hours, depending on how complicated your procedure is. CombiTuck is a surgical procedure, so you might want to receive this solution from a reputable clinic like Michigan Plastic Surgery. With our highly-trained professionals and advanced tools and techniques, patients can expect the best results possible.

Side Effects

While CombiTuck requires a shorter downtime and fewer risks than your traditional tummy tuck procedure, patients may still expect some side effects. These are normal bodily reactions as you heal from the intended tissue damage from your surgery. Some of the side effects are:

  • From the general anesthesia, wearing off after 24 hours:
    • Grogginess
    • Nausea 
    • Dizziness
    • Fatigue
  • From the procedure:
    • Soreness
    • Pain
    • Swelling 
    • Bruising

These side effects are pretty normal and may only mean that you’re healing from your treatment. These reactions may persist for a few months, but most patients can resume their daily activities a week. 

But your practitioner may still advise you to avoid some activities and move around with caution to avoid straining the stitches. Michigan Plastic Surgery will continue to check on you throughout your recovery to ensure a smooth recovery.


During recovery, patients will be advised to wear abdominal binders for 6 weeks to avoid fluid buildup and support healing. Your practitioner will also prescribe pain and blood-thinning medications to relieve discomfort. Full recovery from CombiTuck treatment may take a few months, but you can already return to work after 7 to 10 days. 

How Michigan Will Benefit from a Premier Plastic Surgery Practice?

Metro Detroit is an area brimming with diversity, natural landscapes, and activity. Residents and tourists have access to a wide range of attractions, from urban nightlife to wonderful gardens and beaches. That’s why several cosmetic concerns taking a toll on a patient’s self-esteem shouldn’t keep them from enjoying what this area has to offer.

Michigan Plastic Surgery offers a wealth of aesthetic solutions to different problem areas patients have. We’re equipped with the right tools and techniques to deliver procedures with stellar results, from noninvasive treatments to surgical solutions.

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Achieve a Slim and Toned Tummy with CombiTuck at Michigan Plastic Surgery 

CombiTuck is an innovative solution for removing stubborn fat and excess skin, combining two effective procedures in one. Incorporating liposuction into your traditional tummy tuck treatment gives you more defined results for shorter downtime. This treatment involves sophisticated techniques, so you’d want to seek the best plastic surgery clinic.

Michigan Plastic Surgery is the most trusted aesthetic clinic in Metro Detroit, offering different solutions to a wide range of cosmetic concerns. Our board-certified plastic surgeons are equipped with the best techniques for delivering aesthetic treatments with utmost safety and success, having over 20 years of experience. Get started on achieving a slim and toned tummy today with the CombiTuck treatment. Book an appointment with us to learn more.